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Update – Panelizing Your Circuit Design With KiCad

 ·  ☕ 1 min read  ·  ✍️ Kevin Neubauer

CircuitBrains Deluxe Panel

Open source and knowledge sharing are so important. They enable the community as a whole to efficiently learn and to improve on others work. After spending several hours figuring out how to panelize KiCad circuits for small production runs, I published this post and accompanying video then didn’t put a second thought into how I could make the process more efficient. However, thanks to knowledge sharing, tools and techniques improve over time. Nikki Smith of watched my video and then automated a large chunk of the process with some clever scripting. The entire layout with rails, 3mm cutouts, mouse bite tabs, and stencil alignment holes can now be generated in a matter of seconds. If you have a square or rectangular board you want to panelize, you simply enter the dimensions, x and y count, and click download! Nikki’s script and process are documented here.

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Kevin Neubauer
Kevin Neubauer
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