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CircuitPython Badge

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CircuitPython Badge Top View


An educational toy… No, really. That’s why I created it. That and to have something to break the ice at tech conferences that I go to. My badge is inspired by the Adafruit Circuit Playground Express, has some Adafruit HalloWing elements thrown in, plus a cheap OLED and the #BadgeLife SAO connector.


  • Runs Adafruit CircuitPython!
  • Atmel ATSAMD51J19 ARM Cortex M4 microcontroller
  • 8 MB flash storage
  • Accelerometer
  • Speaker/Buzzer
  • SK6812 LEDs / Neopixels
  • BadgeLife SAO connector
  • Three buttons
  • AA battery holder

Bill of Materials:

See the BOM XLSX and interactive HTML BOM within the “Kicad files” folder in my GitHub.

Additional Photos

CircuitPython Badge with SAO
CircuitPython Badge Screen Removed
CircuitPython Badge Back View

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